“I love this industry.

It’s a simple mission for us to help make peoples’ lives a little easier with better mobility.”

Founded in 1979 as a maker of simple wheelchair lifts, Savaria was purchased by Marcel Bourassa in 1989 with a long term vision to serve the aging population he saw on the horizon. He wanted to build a family company that would stand the test of time to provide quality built accessibility products. Today, the now-public company remains true to its mission.


Better mobility for life

Today, Savaria is leading manufacturer of luxury home elevators, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, accessible vehicles and ceiling lifts. With 8 manufacturing locations, the company focuses on product development and quality manufacturing to help people stay mobile in the home, in public spaces and in vehicles.



Innovative solutions

Span-America became a division of Savaria Corporation in 2017, and manufactures in Greenville, South Carolina and Beamsville, Ontario. A leader in therapeutic support surfaces, seating products, positioners and medical beds, Span makes innovative, science-based products well suited to long term care, acute care, home care and rehab settings.


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