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Invest wisely.

Savaria ceiling lifts deliver a lower cost of ownership for health care facilities as a result of superior technology that’s built for longevity. The question should no longer be “Do we need ceiling lifts?”, the question should now be “What is the best solution for our safe patient handling program?”.

Lower cost of ownership

Conventional technology in the leading ceiling lift brands has used lead acid batteries. These are heavy batteries with a notoriously short lifespan. Replacement is often only after 6 months. Imagine how many dead batteries and down lifts that can be in a healthcare facility each year. Savaria ceiling lifts use lithium ion batteries with an optimized transmission system to create a powerful, reliable lift with an expected battery life of 5 years and product life of 10 years.

Compliance – with ease

A reliable, intuitive-to-use ceiling lift delivers healthcare facilities a significantly higher likelihood of compliance. Your staff is busy­ – complicated lifts or non-working lifts lead to old ways of manual lifting. Get better compliance with Savaria ceiling lifts.

Ceiling lifts vs. floor lifts

A floor lift is an easy purchase and no installation. But will it solve safe patient handling issues? The answer is simply – no.

Floor lift scenario

Risk of Injury

Pushing and pulling a floor lift causes caregiver spine strain as evidenced in this NPR article. See how a thermal camera reveals the strain on this person’s spine as he moves a floor lift into position.

Inflexible use

Floor lifts do not help with patient positioning in the bed. Caregivers will still need to reposition patients manually causing strains from twisting and bending the spine awkwardly.

Space hogging

Floor lifts take up valuable floor space. When you don’t need them, they are just plain “in the way” and often not where you need them when you need them. Busy caregivers tend to revert to manual lifting when the floor lift is not handy.

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