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For comfortable and efficient ways to lift and move people.

Savaria offers a wide range of ceiling lifts and track accessories for easy and safe patient repositioning and transferring. Track System accessories includes Extendable Reacher, Track Turntable and Trolley which provides facilities with the flexibility to have a wide range of different tracking configurations.

Extendable Reacher

The Savaria extendable reacher aids in hooking the portable ceiling lift unit to the trolley. Designed with simplicity and safety in mind, the reacher is separate from the trolley hook to prevent the extendable arm from accidentally injuring the patient or caregiver. Now patients can move easily with ceiling lifts and other track systems.

Track Turntable

The Savaria Track Turntable is designed for use by caregivers and health care professionals to connect two crossing track routes together, thus allowing the ceiling lift to move freely between both track routes in a home care, assisted-living or hospital environment.


The Savaria Trolley for portable ceiling lifts is attached to the track of the lift, to act as wheels for the lift mechanism. At least one trolley is needed for each track.

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