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FastTrack system

Savaria FastTrack is designed for easier installation with a patented track bracket and tool design to assure the installer that brackets are secure with a simple turn. With a full array of track and hardware, configurations for virtually room design can be accommodated. From wood, to concrete or steel, Savaria offers complete hardware to suit the structural requirements.

Easy room covering designs

Choose straight track in convenient length or curved track for 45 or 90 degree turns. Simple or more complex room covering designs are easy to configure, as are multi-room designs for residential or institutional settings.

Helpful tools at your fingertips

Savaria provides experienced technical support for site designs and installation plans using leading-edge design tools.

XY system

For multiple transfer points

Our XY system is an “H” shaped ceiling lift track that drives a ceiling lift along a moving rail which in turn slides up and down two parallel rails, allowing patient transfer anywhere within an the H shape. XY systems can connect to neighbouring rooms ( bedroom to bathroom) via a gate system, providing additional possibilities for room covering designs.

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