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Fast, strong, secure

Savaria ceiling lifts were designed from the ground up to perform better. From the first touch, you will find the lift’s intuitive and simple design makes it easy to use. A powerful lithium-ion battery delivers fast, smooth lifting motion and with normal use, expected battery life is an amazing 5 years. Whether you need a portable lift for short term needs or a fixed lift with installed ceiling track, Savaria and your local authorized installer can meet your specific requirements.  Lifting manually is simply not the right option, so if you are looking for an elegant solution to securely moving a patient or loved one, you will want to take a close look at Savaria ceiling lifts.

Get Mobility at Home

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, a Savaria ceiling lift provides security for lifting and transferring in a home setting.

A lithium-ion battery

To power superior performance

More lift cycles: delivers 50% more lift cycles/charge than industry average
Less charging time: recharges from full depletion in only 2 hours
Fewer replacements: battery replacement estimated at every 5 years
More reliable: fewer service calls for dead batteries
Greener: no lead acid disposal issues and longer life of battery
No memory effect: battery does not deteriorate from constant charging
Power: fast lift speed even at maximum capacity lifting weight

Maximum flexibility of use

For Home or Out-of-Home

Savaria ceiling lifts deliver the continuity of care needed to transition from the hospital to the home. For some patients, a ceiling lift is the answer to being released from the hospital sooner. Caregivers reduce injury risk and patients can feel secure with dignity and comfort. In a healthcare facility, count on Savaria ceiling lifts for ease of use, faster lifting speeds – even at high capacities, and far less downtime compared to lead acid battery technology.

SureClip system

It’s different for safety

Traditional designs use a sling clip that opens inward. The Savaria SureClip system opens outward to create a more foolproof securement of sling to lift. This reduces common miss-clip issues that result in the sling detaching from the spreader bar. It’s a simple, yet important detail of design in all Savaria ceiling lifts.

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Optimized from the beginning

Superior in every way

Designed by long time industry veterans, the Savaria R&D team knew that they could make a better product by looking at the details and questioning how to improve everything they could. Starting with the engine – the battery and transmission system – to the simplicity of use, to the installation methods and hardware, the team has thought through how to make a better lift and deliver a better customer experience with every use.

FastTrack System

For easy room covering designs

Savaria FastTrack is designed for easier installation with a patented track bracket and tool design to assure the installer that brackets are secure with a simple turn. With a full array of track types and matching hardware, configurations for virtually any room design can be accommodated. From wood, to concrete or steel, Savaria offers complete solutions to suit the structural requirements.

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