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Designed by long time industry veterans, our R&D team knew that we could make a better product by looking at the details and questioning ourselves on how to improve everything we could. Hearing that lifts are not reliable and ready to use is most often due to old battery technology currently being used.


Not long ago, people couldn’t fathom how a battery powered car could perform at the level of traditional technology. That myth has been shattered in recent years with long range, powerfully fast cars that run on leading edge battery technology.

Applying similar thinking to our ceiling lift, the Savaria research team outlined how a lithium battery powered lift could be optimized with the right mechanical and electrical design to provide a plethora of benefits to every stakeholder of the lift. Like they say, it was an “Aha moment”

Lithium vs. lead acid

Power and strength without the weight:

  • Lithium is 4x more powerful &
    4x lighter than lead acid

More lift cycles

Pain point #1: “The lift has dead batteries all the time”

  • Expect to use the lift 80 cycles with a 200 lb person on one charge
  • Quick charge in 30 minutes, or 2 hours to charge from 0%

Long-lasting power

Pain point #2: “The lift often needs service”

Average battery lifespan:

  • Lead acid (12-24 months)
  • Lithium-ion (5 years)

No memory effect

Traditional batteries lose their oomph quickly. After being charged many times, they develop a memory effect that prevents them from fully recharging. So even after you think you have fully charged the battery, you will find performance degrading over time. This will result in fewer cycles and painfully slower speeds. Battery replacement is the solution – which is costly and frustrating.

Savaria ceiling lifts have no memory effect. The battery will charge fully and perform more reliably for much longer than traditional units.

Faster lift speeds

Powerfully light. Simply strong.

A light lift is easier for everyone Savaria ceiling lifts are one of the lightest on the market – up to 35% lighter than leading competitors.

Fixed lift:
Rated up to 600 lbs (Safe Working Load), manual unit weighs only 17 lbs

Portable lift:
Rated up to 440 lbs (Safe Working Load), unit weighs only 11 lbs


It’s different for safety

But it’s so important. Other lifts use inward hinging clips making them easy to push. They are so easy to push that a caregiver may think they have clipped the sling onto the lift, when they have not. The result of the mis-clip can be very dangerous.

The SureClip system by Savaria opens out. This provides a more foolproof method of securing a sling to the portable lift or spreader bar of the fixed lift. A simple, but powerful detail for added safety.

Intuitive from the first touch

“Design is not for philosophy. It’s for life.” Issey Miyake

Expect to know how to use your Savaria ceiling lift without reading the manual first. You’ll see simple, clear buttons to move the lift up, down or side to side (with a motorized trolley option).

Without extraneous electronics to break down or cause user confusion, the lift design elegantly and reliably performs its tasks.

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